My Big Self Publish Using Create Space

I have finally been able to self publish at a relatively small cost (thanks to the money I raised through my kickstarter project).

I chose to use Amazon’s Create Space for several reasons.

Firstly because it was so cheap to set up an ISBN for my two novels- you can even choose a free option if you like.

Also because I could buy numerous copies of my novel at cost price! This meant that from my one kickstarter project I was able to self publish both of my books in paperback.

Finally, Create Space will print copies of my book on demand. So there is no wastage. Books only get printed per order and the royalties for each sale is surprisingly good.

The only issue I have had with Create Space is to do with the book cover. I chose to use their free cover creator service so that I could import my own artwork onto the front and the back of the book.

Every time you submit your book you have to wait around 24 hours for your design to be approved so that there are no issues with the final printing of your book. It took me around 3 attemptsĀ for each book to get this approved but I finally had success for my first novel The Fairytale Scripture this morning.

This is the final cover I created for the novel:


front cover


I’m pretty happy with it and I think it looks eye catching! This novel is now available to buy in my very own Create Space store. Soon to be added to Amazon once it has been reviewed. My second novel, Fairy Delusions will also be available to buy soon. When my funds from my kickstarter project arrive I will be buying lots of copies and sending them out to all of my pledgers. The expected delivery date is going to be mid November.

If you would like to read a paperback version of my novel please visit my store:

Thanks to you all!

Peace and Love,