Fairy Delusions- A New Novel

This is the working title for my new autobiographical novel.

I am really excited about this novel as I have learned so much about mental health over the years through my roles as service user, healthcare assistant and peer support worker.

Here is the proposed cover. I would love to know your thoughts!



Here is the proposed introduction:

How to spot a genuine living fairy in human form or: A brief introduction to the perils of fairyhood.

Fairies will watch the same films over and over again, not necessarily because they enjoy the film but because they have a magical ability of being able to transport themselves back to happier times and memories through the film if it had a particular relevance at any point in their human life cycle.

Fairy memories are like water, they have the ability to quench and maintain them yet at the same time can drag them under and sweep them away. A true fairy will become thoughtful at the most inappropriate of times and may need to be pulled from the water.

Fairies very often struggle to understand danger. This naivety to the more sinister parts of the world of course comes from years of living in fairy land where time is taken up by frolicking, singing and being merry. Always help to escort known fairies out of dangerous situations.

Fairies can also be very critical of themselves and the rest of the world. Once you are unfortunate enough to fall from a fairy’s grace it may be difficult to be accepted into their close circle again (fairy etiquette is highly important).

Fairies have very vivid imaginations due to their previous roles making all the pretty flowers in an array of colours and creating whimsical love spells and the like. Thus fairies need to be encouraged to use this creativity to help all things flourish.

Fairies may believe in things that other humans don’t (particularly once they reach adulthood) such as unicorns, magic, dreams coming true and world peace (not to be confused with a Miss World contestant). Please do humour these beliefs, as once fairies become aggressive they are likely to turn into pixies and will attempt to defend the said beliefs with their honour (which can be fatal to humans)).

My name is Katie, some people know me as Katie Fairy and this is the story of how I discovered I was such a creature. Read on if you will, for I speak with the voice of all the fairies that are yet to come forward. I hope to put you under my spell and guide you to view the world and the people (and magical beings) that live within it, in a new and exciting way. For all of the fairies out there who are yet to accept their newly found fairy state, I hope to guide you through my tale. Sometimes my tale is not a light hearted tale; it is a tale of perils and perseverance along with drama and despair. Yet there is also laughter and kindness and above all else HOPE. And so now, in true fairy manner, I extend my hand to you all.

If you are interested in reading any of my published work, it is available exclusively for the kindle:

The Fairytale Scripture

Thanks and have a great day!